It has been a blast being a member of the Long Island Sun Chasers photography group that started on Facebook and has branched into something more.

For a little history, please see an earlier story we did with some of the founding members here.

Every Friday publishes the weekly best of the Sun Chasers that has become popular here and across the country.

Long Island has over 400 miles of shoreline and I think this group has posted a photo from almost every one of them.

Putting this together was much harder than I expected and honestly the quality of the photography here would  warrant a coffee table book.

I know I left out a lot of images and photographers that deserve to be here, perhaps next year I can bring on some help to do a better job!

With that said this is part 1 and in no particular order.

Take a few moments to scroll through all the pages, you are likely to see one or more of your favorite spots.

Andy Craig | Captree

James Trezza | Long Beach

Martin Losco | Shelf Cloud over Robert Moses Bridge

Asia Lee | Robert Moses

Linda Karlin | Montauk

Michael Witten | Fire Island Inlet Bridge