Relatively few people know boat building is still alive and well in Patchogue, once a national hub for the craft.

At any given time, you might find wooden sailboats, sport fishing boats or high-performance speedboats taking shape within the hodgepodge of nondescript structures along Patchogue River.

Even fewer know about the world-traveling, 42-foot catamarans being built by Alpha Yachts.

Located in a yard off Patchogue Street, Alpha Yachts is one of the very few American companies building these double-hulled boats designed for sailing the world’s seas in comfort — as well as style. was given a tour of the facility by Patchogue native Stephen Nocita, a sales manager for Alpha Yachts (as well as the owner of his own Great South Bay Boatworks).

“It’s a totally different way of sailing,” Nocita says, as he explains the aerodynamics of the uniquely designed craft, which is built for a dry ride over rough waters.

He said the company’s Alpha 42 model — its only model — typically attracts two type of customers, either people who are looking to live aboard one, and see the world, or those looking to purchase it for pleasure.

The latter will typically draw revenue from the catamaran through charter companies when not using it, with room enough to sleep eight people, as well as the captain, for vacation voyages.

Alpha Yachts has made four Alpha 42 models that have since been sold and are off the premises, Nocita said. Another four are in various stages of development on the Patchogue River.

They typically sell from $580,000 to upward of $700,000, depending on the features, such as water-makers and solar propulsion, making these babies sustainable as well.

Check out the photos below.

Photos at the boatyard taken by Mike Busch.

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