By Mike Busch

This week’s intro will be short and sweet as I will have driven to and from Kennedy Airport well before Sunrise.

March is having the typical struggle deciding between Winter and Spring but the Sun is making a serious move north and the time change is giving the Long Island Sun Chasers more time to position for Sunset.

South shore chasers have to head across the bay to get a good look back at sunset now but the North shore now has the better setup if you don’t want to cross a bridge.

Regardless, the photos below provide 30 or so great examples of why we live on Long Island.

This week’s cover shot goes to Nicholas Isabella with an amazing shot of the Milky Way over Shinnecock Inlet.

Take an extra minute to scroll through all 5 pages and consider sharing with someone who might not be able to catch these views for themselves!

Kathleen Desiderio | Great River

Danielle Leef | Southampton

Danny Mckearney | Robert Moses

Douglas Kelley | Captree

Jeremy Garretson | Greenport

Andy Craig | Captree