By Mike Busch

As we prepare for more snow, bitter cold, and a potential nor’easter early next week, take a few extra minutes to check out 5 pages of new images from the Long Island Sun Chasers.

While the weather isn’t cooperating, many signs of Spring are evident as the Sun  has moved North (from our perspective) and is now setting back over Long Island again on the South Shore.  This will change where the Sun Chasers set up so you can expect more sunsets from Fire Island looking back over the bay as well as more shots over Long Island Sound from the North Shore.  The Maps below illustrate how quickly this change happens with the Blue Line representing the Sun angle at Sunset.

January 1st Sun Angle at Sunset

March 10th Sun Angle at Sunset

The other sure sign of Spring will be the clock change this week, that should help some Sun Chasers be a little more productive at work before escaping to catch the sunset.

The images below were taken between Point Lookout all the way to Orient Point with some spectacular images in between.

This week’s cover shot goes to Pat Deluca proving that you don’t have to be at the beach for a great Long Island image.

If you would like a print of any of these photos let me know via email and I can put you in touch with the photographer.

I know for a fact the many people that have left Long Island really appreciate these images, feel free to share these with them as they might appreciate!

Trish Minogue Collins | Cupsogue

Steven Sager | Robert Moses

Richard Dicky Riddlebarger | Point Lookout