By Mike Busch

The first week of April brought slightly warmer temperatures and more than it’s fair share of rain and overcast skies.

In between storms we have also had plenty of wind and on the South Shore, fog.   Because the Ocean is still cold, early Spring can leave some areas socked in and cool while just a few miles away it can be sunny and twenty degrees warmer.

A great example of this happened on Wednesday night.  Some people found some fantastic color on the North Shore and Jones Beach while others (like me) struck out, caught under a big fog bank.

The great thing about the Long Island Sun Chasers is that you can almost guarantee if there is a great sky someone is going to catch it.

This week has a big showing from the North Shore as the Sun Chasers know this is the time of year to catch some beautiful light over Long Island Sound as the Sun continues to make its way to the North.

Anita Regler gets the cover shot with a beautiful shot of the Surf from Robert Moses Field 5.

As always, if you see an image that you would like to see framed or printed, let me know and I can put you in touch with the photographer!



Bobby Alan | Fire Island Inlet Bridge

Patty Curran Kelleher | Jones Beach

Fred Greco | Jones Beach

Kathleen Desiderio | Port Jefferson

Martin Losco | Robert Moses