By Mike Busch

The Long Island Sun Chasers are a versatile group and will quickly adjust and congregate for any unique photo opportunity.  This week they all seemed to know exactly where and when the full flower Moon would be rising and the best possible place to capture it.  Most of the chasers used the Fire Island Lighthouse as a backdrop but we also feature images from as far west as the Whitestone Bridge and as far east as Montauk Point.

Besides the moon, this week had some beautiful landscapes from all over the Island with a nice showing from the North Shore.

I normally don’t date the images, it is hard enough to get the photographers to give me the locations, but since last night was such a surprise and so well captured the first page images were all taken Thursday evening.  I decided to do some yard work instead of checking out the bay and had no idea what a light show everyone else was able to catch!

Tough time picking the cover shot but it goes to Cindy Goldman with a great image of the Moon behind the Lighthouse.

Have a great weekend and consider sharing with a friend that might appreciate!

Brian Cozzie | Robert Moses

Kate Lecates | Wildwood State Park

Trish Minogue Collins | Shirley Beach

JIm Simpson | Wildwood State Park

Linda Karlin | Woodmere

Lynda Wagner | Brookhaven