By Trish Minogue Collins

“I prefer dark, low, clouds to a sunny day,” said No Sun Chaser Ever.  There were a few days in a row this past week that were really rough for the avid landscape photographers in this group.  We commiserated, and some shared some favorite images from brighter times. Thankfully, the week was book ended with some beautiful skies, so all the images you see here are from this past week on Long Island.

This past Saturday, quite a few members of the group got together for a sunrise tailgate. You’ll see many images from that morning included in this week’s collection.  This is an event that one of the original members of our group, Doug Kelley, organizes several times a year. We meet at Smith Point, where our group began. We shoot sunrise together, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.  Mostly, it’s a great opportunity to sample Kathy Fasano’s famous quiche, and to drink mimosas at six a.m.

It’s quite interesting to see how so many photographers can shoot in the same place at the same time, and none of the images are quite alike.

Of course, not all the images here are from Smith Point. The north shore continues to be a prime location for sunsets as the summer solstice approaches, and the photographers in this group are doing amazing work all across the island.

Most sun chasers also love the moon, and during those cloudy days, they took the time to share some tips on the Facebook page for capturing quality lunar images. The full moon in June is referred to as the Strawberry Moon. It’s officially full in this part of the world today (Friday) at 8:10 a.m. The phase leading up to full moon is called waxing gibbous, depicted in the images on last page here.

As usual, if you are interested in purchasing any of the images you see here, get in touch with Mike and he will connect you with the photographer. Bring on the warm sunny weather!

Editors Note: Cover Photo by Trish Minogue Collins ( without her knowledge but deserved)


Patty Mede | Long Island Sun Chasers at Smith Point

James Trezza | East Islip

Andy Craig Captree

Douglas Kelley | Port Jefferson

Brian Cozzie | Captree

Dennis Bontempo | Southampton

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