By Mike Busch

First of all I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter, hopefully you can get out and enjoy some beautiful early spring weather.

I was away last week in Florida, but from what I can tell from the photos posted by the Long Island Sun Chasers, I missed a very nice week.

This week’s highlights include some incredible full moon photos taken with the Fire Island Lighthouse in the foreground.

This week’s cover photo goes to Paul Peluso who is chomping at the bit for fishing season to heat up.

The rest of the photos below are great examples of why we love our Island, take a few minutes to scroll through all 5 pages !

If you are interested in a print of any of the images, let me know and I can put you in touch with the photographer.

Kathleen Desiderio | Mt. Sinai Harbor

Martin Losco

Michael Witten | Fire Island Lighthouse

Robert Seifert | Shinnecock

Linda Karlin | Woodmere

Jim Simpson | Smith Point