The overcast skies and subsequent two-day Nor’easter certainly kept most of the wildlife under wraps but the Long Island Wildlife Photography members still got out and captured some great images.

This week had a nice mix of raptors and yard birds but seemed to be dominated by the wintering ducks.

This week’s cover shot goes to Grace Scalzo with an amazing shot of a Long Tailed Duck taking flight.  Read more about these fascinating deep divers here.

It has also been brought to my attention that several teachers are using these posts in the classroom to show their students the great wildlife that surrounds us.

I would encourage parents and teachers alike to get kids interested and get outside to see some of these for themselves!


Diane Prokop Chatterton | Chickadee

Dan Fiore | Snow Buntings

Barbara Lash | Wood Ducks

Brian Doherty | Herring Gull

Brian Doherty | Red Breasted Merganser

Brian Murphy | Yellow Bellied Slider