By Mike Busch

We are now in the winter doldrums, too soon for our winter visitors to head back north and too early for the spring migration.

The cold and dreary weather makes it easy to hunker down and give the camera a little rest.  However, with over 7000 members you can rest assured that the Long Island Wildlife Photography group will capture some wild action and make it a tough job to pick out 25 or 30 of the best shots of the week.

This week’s cover shot goes to Ed Walsh of Jones Beach Fishing Station with a spectacular shot of Common Merganser gulping down a large perch.  Ed has a knack for getting amazing shots of feeding raptors and ducks, hopefully we can give him a full feature in the coming weeks.

This week also has a great selection of hungry raptors, beautiful ducks and a few more Bald Eagles getting ready for another successful nesting season.

If the late winter has you down and you don’t feel like shooting, sit back and check out the next 5 pages of Long Island Wildlife Photography from the comfort of your home.


Diane Prokop Chatterton | Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

Tony Fanni | Belted Kingfisher

Paul Peluso | Northern Harrier

Marie Gipps | Grey Squirrel

Lisle Brathwaite | White Throated Sparrow