By Mike Busch

Besides a short window of nice sunshine on Sunday Morning, we are going though an extended stretch of overcast and wet weather and the forecast calls for more of the same.  Not exactly ideal conditions for wildlife photography but as you will see below, the Long Island Wildlife Photography group has enough members and talented wildlife photographers to still put out a wonderful set of images week after week.

One of the challenges of wildlife photography is proper identification.  According to the  New York State Ornithological Association there are 490 bird species in NY.  If you want a printable checklist for a big year click here.  It may come easier for some but many find it takes years of field experience to get a grip on the majority of birds that spend time on Long Island.  Luckily the internet has been a big help with sites like All About Birds by The Cornell Lab Of Ornithology.

When I got into birding in 2013, I found a great site run by Diane Taggart focused on Long Island Birds with a wealth of information, photos, and detailed features on literally hundreds of birds.  I soon started sending Diane photos and bothering her with ID questions and always appreciated her patience and generosity.

When Dianne took the site down, it definitely left a void and is probably one of the things that led me to start the Long Island Wildlife Photography group.

I reached out to Dianne last week and she agreed to do a weekly bird of the week feature using her extensive library.  That combined with the fantastic images submitted by Long Island Wildlife members will make for something really unique and educational.   Stay tuned Tuesday for the next feature on Peregrine Falcons, the images that are coming in are incredible.

This week’s highlights include a Cattle Egret, a Great Horned Owl, and  Red Headed Woodpecker.

This week’s cover shot goes to Brian Carr with a beautiful Great Horned Owlet.  Be sure to check out his video of the Owlet on page 5.


Vicki Jauron | Swan Family

Jimmy Johnny | Barn Swallow

Jimmy Johnny | Common Terns

Brian Doherty | American Oystercatcher

Charlie Spinnato | Snowy Egret