By Mike Busch

Although the weather has been unseasonably cool and unsettled, the spring migration over Long Island is in full effect.

If you are new to birding it seems nearly impossible to keep track of all the new species that have arrived over the last month.  I found an interesting Spring Migration Table on the Eastern Audubon Society Website that lists all the birds that arrive along with their approximate dates.  Everything that will be coming should be here by now with over 60 species arriving since April 1st.  I tried to include a lot of these with this week’s images.

It is also a good time to look around your property, nests are full of young right now and cats are very interested.  We found a nest full of baby Robins this morning on my front porch thanks to a screaming mother trying to scare one of my cats off.

The cover photo goes to Vicki Jauron with a stunning composition of a family of Goslings.

The images and variety were so good this week I had to make it 6 pages, if you have the time be sure to check them all out!

Prairie Warbler | Brian Carr

American Redstart | Brian Doherty

Anerican Oystercatcher |Fred Kopf

Killdeer with chick | Mike Babulak

Baltimore Oriole | Glenn Williams

Barn Swallows | Bob Sanderson