This week’s guest curator is Brian Doherty, a longtime member and contributor to Long Island Wildlife Photography.

 Brian was one our first guest contributors with some of  his favorite Fire Island Wildlife Images here.

By Brian Doherty

This past week was the official kick off of the Spring migration across Long Island with 10 species of Warbler, Grosbeak and Bunting all making an appearance.

We should expect the numbers and variety to get better over the next two weeks if we have favorable weather patterns.

I wanted to use my space to share some of my favorite camera settings for those just starting out or looking for something different:


Camera: Canon 7d MKII; focusing permanently disabled on the Shutter button forcing Back-button focusing only

Lens: Sigma 150-600 Sport

Monopod: Oben CTM-2500 5=Section Carbon Fiber with Manfrotto 234RC Monopod Head Quick Release

For Wildlife Shooting I only use Custom Shooting Modes for my base and make small adjustments ( Exposure Compensation, F-stop, ISO, Shutter Speed.

C1 – Low light stationary subjects

  • Aperture priority – f/5.0, Single focus point, One-shot AF mode (Single), Spot Metering, Single shooting Drive Mode, Auto ISO capped at 3200

C2 – Good light stationary subjects

  • Aperture priority – f/8.0, Single point AF, One-shot AF mode (Single), Spot Metering, Single shooting Drive Mode, Auto ISO capped at 3200

C3 – Subjects in motion

  • Shutter priority – 1/2000 sec, 9 Center points AF, AI Servo AF mode (Continuous), Center-weighted average Metering, High-speed continuous shooting Drive Mode, Auto ISO capped at 6400


When I am walking outdoors I keep the Camera on C3 and the Monopod strap on my wrist so I am ready if I see a Bird in flight.

I always wear camo or muted colors and walk extremely slowly when approaching any wildlife and often stop in increments so the animals get used to my presence and don’t feel threatened by my snail-like movements.

I always take a few shots at a good distance when I first see an animal and take a few more each incremental move up I make in case the animal moves.

This week’s cover photo goes to Brian Carr with a beautiful Blue Grosbeak.


Baby Raccoon | Steven Williams

Baltimore Oriole | Marie Gipps

Blue Grosbeak | Diane Van Dyke Greco

Brown Bat | Brian Carr

Wood Duck | Vicki Jauron

Bullfrog | Trish Foutch