By Mike Busch

The Long Island Wildlife Photography group didn’t let our latest stretch of gloomy weather stop them from getting some nice shots this week.

Many young  birds have already fledged their nests but as you will see below, many of the shorebirds are still tending to eggs and chicks.

It is also getting much harder to get a clear shot as the leaves are now full.

A few notable images below include a Cattle Egret, Diamondback Terrapin, Black Necked Stilt and Saltmarsh Sparrow.

This week’s cover goes to Donna Crinnian with an excellent capture of a Great Egret eating a Pipefish.

If you have time, check out all 5 pages!


Fred Kopf | Yellow Crowned Night Heron

Jeanne Eggers | Common Terns

Jeff Fross | Juvenille Bald Eagle

Kerry O’Brien Lukowski | Hairy Woodpecker

Kirk Hatzmann | Piping Plover

Mari Michaelis | Ovenbird

Mike Babulak | Snapping Turtle