By Mike Busch

Another stunning set of images were submitted by members of the Long Island Wildlife Photography group this week.

You might think that the rainy, overcast and chilly weather would  keep the wildlife and photographers at bay but with almost 8000 members submitting  photos  it isn’t hard to pick out some of the week’s best.

Even with the weather there were over 400 images posted this week so forgive me if I missed a few great ones.

On a side note, I am getting some great feedback on the new Bird of the Week feature every Tuesday by Dianne Taggart, if you missed this week’s piece on the Belted Kingfisher click here.  We are already building an impressive library of birds that coupled with the outstanding images rivals anything you will find on the internet.  I have had a few teachers mention that they are using both the Bird of the Week and the Best of Long Island Wildlife Photography with their students in class on a projector.

This week’s highlights include a beautiful Cattle Egret , Eastern Towhee, some great Fox kits, and even mating Bullfrogs.

This week’s cover goes to Alex Roukis with a Northern Black Racer.  Look for a new feature on Long Island Herping from Alex in the near future!

Take a couple minutes to scroll through all 6 pages.



Common Terns | Charlie Spinnato

Eastern Towhee | Tony Fanni

Fox Kits Vicki Jauron

Glossy Ibis | Jason Frank

Greater Yellow Legs | Mitchell Schlimer

House Wren | Nori Cerny

Osprey with catch | Nicole Nicky Snissaert

More images on pages 2,3,4,5 and 6!