By Mike Busch

This week the Long Island Wildlife Photography group found a wide variety of local wildlife including backyard birds, diving and dabbling ducks, seals and a bunch of raptors ranging from the tiny American Kestrel to the massive Bald Eagle.

I am especially encouraged by the number of immature Bald Eagles appearing.  I don’t have hard evidence but if what I am seeing on the page and personally holds true the population is exploding, I would imagine we are going to see many more nests established this year up and down the Island.  Eagles thrive in many of the same locations as the Osprey so keep your eyes peeled, they can pop up anywhere.

This week’s cover goes to Mike Firestone with a spectacular image of a mature Bald Eagle grabbing a live eel.

I also included a great video of  a juvenile Coopers Hawk from Jim Botta on the last page.

If you have time check out all 6 pages, this is a big one!


Russ Ogden | Harbor Seal

Ed Walsh | Hooded Merganser

Jason Frank | Immature Bald Eagle

Jimmy Johnny | Red Tailed Hawk

Lorraine Sepulveda | Red Bellied Woodpecker

Mike Firestone | Bald Eagle with Eel

Robert Kaplan | Kestrel

Brian Doherty | Peregrine Falcon

More images on pages 2,3,4,5 and 6