By Mike Busch

First of all, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  It was a very challenging year but getting outside for some fresh air and wildlife photography provided a great diversion for many of us.   I also appreciate being part of the Long Island Wildlife Photography group so I can at least see what is going on if I can’t get out there as much myself.

With the usual help from Jim Botta, we have put together 10 pages of some of the best photos posted this week below.

This week’s cover shot goes to Christopher Carl with a Razorbill.  This medium-sized sea bird resembles the Penguin and is in the Auk family and closely related to Murre and Puffins.  Razorbill are found in the Arctic and subarctic Northern Atlantic from Maine to Northern Russia but occasionally make their way to our area.  More than half the population breeds in Iceland.  Nice find Chris!

We also included an incredible four-shot sequence of a Great Blue Heron taking down a huge Bunker by Janis Hurley on Page 1o.

American Kestrel – Robert Kaplan

Bald Eagle – Jill Weigold Wendling

Belted Kingfisher – Robert Kaplan

Black Scoter – Daryl Ramrattan

Bonaparte’s Gull – Vincenzo Giordano

Carolina Wren – Leslie Pilgrim

Cedar Waxwing – John Schlowinski

Eastern Bluebird – Bridgette Kistinger

Great Blue Heron – Mike Babulak

More Photos on Pages 2-10