By Mike Busch

Another fantastic week from the Long Island Wildlife Photography group this week!   With some big help from Jim Botta, we picked a few favorites from the hundreds posted by the group.  It would be impossible to include every worthy photo but I think we have a nice representative sample.  There are just too many talented photographers in the group to keep up with everything so these collections make it a little easier to track our local wildlife trends.

Now that we are in peak fall foliage, you will notice many of the photographers are combining the beautiful colors with their subjects and getting fantastic results.  A perfect example is this week’s cover shot by Diane Van Dyke Greco with a stunning Autumn scene.

We also have a great collection of warblers this week as the fall migration continues.  Besides birds stopping by on their way south, we are also starting to see some winter ducks and geese appear, notably a Northern Pintail and Brant Geese.  Natalie Ann has some nice video of Brant Geese that just arrived from their summer home in the High Arctic tundra on the last page.

If you have an extra minute or two, try to scroll through all 9 pages and have a great weekend!

Great Blue Heron – Barbara Lash

Bald Eagle – Jill Weigold Wendling

Belted Kingfisher – Tony Fanni

Golden-Crowned Kinglet – Steven Williams

Great Blue Heron – Dolores Albertuzzi

Humpback Whale – Brian Doherty

Marbled Orbweaver – Cat Yellen-Rebennack

Merlin & Lunch – Vincenzo Giordano

Northern Harrier – Dan Fiore

More Photos on Pages 2-9