By Mike Busch

This week featured two big storms and a stretch of dismal, overcast weather but that didn’t stop the Long Island Wildlife Photography group from capturing some stellar images.  Thanks to the usual big help from Jim Botta we have compiled some of the best below.  Notable finds this week include Say’s Phoebe (continuing), Great Horned Owl, Eastern Meadowlark, more winter ducks showing up, various warblers, and a ton of raptors!  Many of the local Osprey have already left but there are still migrating Osprey passing through and feasting on our local bunker.  Many photographers did a great job of integrating the fall colors with their wildlife subject.

This week’s cover shot goes to Christopher Carl with a Great Blue Heron taking down a huge bloody bunker, great image!  If you have an extra minute, try to check out all 8 pages and feel to share with your friends.


Bald Eagle – Luisa Pericoli

Blackpoll Warbler – Daryl Ramrattan

Bottlenose Dolphins – Brian Doherty

Cape May Warbler – Jim Botta

Eastern Meadowlark – Christopher Carl

Great Horned Owl – Steven Williams

Juvenile Yellow-Crowned Night Heron – Nancy Viscardi-Ricigliano

Merlin – Robert Kaplan

Northern Harrier – Dan Fiore

Peregrine Falcon – Barbara Lash

More Photos on Pages 2-8