By Mike Busch

As we get deeper into Fall, the wildlife action is heating up.  This week the Long Island Wildlife Photography group posted an incredible variety of birds, including a number of rare or at least uncommon visitors.

The rarest find this week has been the Northern Wheatear, with several members running across this small songbird that should probably be in Africa right now.  The Northern Wheatear makes one of the longest journeys of any small bird, spending summers spread across Europe, Central Asia, Greenland, Alaska, and parts of Canada before heading to Africa in the fall for the Winter.  Click here for an interesting article on this amazing migration.

Other notable finds this week include a Marbled Godwit, Evening Grosbeak, Rose Breasted Grosbeak, and a Leucistic Deer.

We want to start featuring more video, check out the last page for two videos from Natalie Ann of some Bald Eagles and an encounter between a Turkey Vulture and Red Tailed Hawk.   I also included some slow motion video of a Belted Kingfisher takeoff and Sanderlings on the move.

This week’s cover goes to Janis Hurley with a great shot of a Great Egret with fresh catch.  Check out all 6 pages if you have a few extra minutes!

Jim Botta | Northern Wheatear

Rob Farrell | Ruby Crowned Kinglet

Steven Williams | Golden Crowned Kinglet

Jeff Gross | Great Horned Owl

Heff Stoppe | Northern Flicker

Janis Hurley | Great Egret

Brian Doherty | Humpback Whale

Ediji Berzina | Rose Breasted Grosebeak

Janis Hurley | Northern Wheatear

Jeff Gross | Merlin with catch

More images on pages 2,3,4,5, and 6