By Mike Busch

It finally feels like winter with our first really cold weather of the season and more snow in the forecast.  Snow is always an excellent backdrop for a good wildlife photo and you will see several examples below with more to follow next week if the weather reports pan out.

Highlights this week include a Wilson’s Snipe, a Monk Parrot in the snow,  Western Tanager and the elusive Grey Ghost- a mature male Northern Harrier.

This week’s cover goes to Robert Kaplan with an outstanding image of a Belted Kingfisher in flight with a fresh catch.

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Barbara Bedell | Blue Jay

Bob Savage | Young Buck

Cat Yellen-Rebennack | Cardinal

Cat Yellen-Rebennack | White Throated Sparrow

Jason Frank | Common Loon

Jim Botta | Juvenille Cooper’s Hawk

Jimmy Johnny | Belted Kingfisher

Lisa Nadler-Reischer | Dark Eyed Junco

Andres Lb | Western Tanager

Pablo Gabetta | Bald Eagle