By Mike Busch12-20-2020

The Long Island Wildlife Photography took advantage of our first winter snowstorm of the season and got some amazing shots that took advantage of the conditions.

A great example is this week’s cover shot by Kathie Rokita of some Red Foxes in the snow.

Thanks to Jim Botta for the help in picking out the photos!

If you have a few minutes try to check out all 9 pages and feel free to share.

Red Foxes – Matt Wasserman

American Kestrel – John M Martello

Bald Eagle & Ducks – Nancy Viscardi-Ricigliano

Belted Kingfisher – Kay Intemann

Black Scoter – Christopher Carl

Chipmunk – Daryl Ramrattan

Dunlin & Sanderling – Brian Doherty

Dunlin – Brian Doherty

Eastern Bluebird – Robin Fisher

Harbor Seal – Dan Fiore

More Photos on Pages 2-9