By Mike Busch

This week the Long Island Wildlife Photography group captured and shared a huge variety of stunning images.  Now that the leaves are finally mostly bare, they are taking advantage of the improved lighting and visibility.  It was a great week for birds of prey with Bald Eagles, Peregrine Falcons along with Sharp-Shinned, Coopers, Red-Tailed Hawks all featured below.  Other standouts include a great variety of our winter dabbling, diving and sea ducks including Northern Pintail, Hooded Merganser, Redhead, Northern Shoveler, Black Scoter, American Cootand Common Eider.

With the snow starting this morning it would be a good idea to fill your feeders and try to get some nice shots out in the weather if you can keep your equipment dry!

This week’s cover goes to Alan Stableford with a great shot of Buck with a nice waterfront backdrop.

If you have time check out all 5 pages below and have a great weekend!

Alan Stableford | Buck

Ed Walsh Red-Tailed Hawk

Jason Frank | Redhead

Carole Ryder | Black Scoter

Cat Yellen-Rebennack | Common Eiders

Barbara Lash | Hooded Merganser

Bob Savage | Bald Eagle

Barbara Lash | Black Crowned Night Herons

More images on pages 2,3,4, and 5