By Mike Busch

With the help of Jim Botta, we have put together another fantastic collection of images with 8 pages below from the Long Island Wildlife Photography this week.  It is a great time of year where you can see new arrivals from the south like Piping Plover and Osprey while many of the winter ducks are still around and starting to develop their breeding plumage before heading North.

Besides photography, it is great to see members sharing some fantastic video with the group as well.  Video technology has improved dramatically over the last few years with most entry-level DSLR cameras  capable of great video as long as the camera can be kept steady.  While the key to wildlife photography is capturing action in a fraction of time, video lets the scene play out over time.  We have been featuring videos on the last page but for the first time this week we have an entire page dedicated to video.  Most of the videos this week are from Natalie Ann, who has a knack for capturing wild action every week.  One stood out in particular this week when she appears to capture the reunion of a pair of Osprey’s after taking separate trips North from South America.  Be sure to check out the rest of the videos on Page 8 including a short compilation of all of this week’s photos.

This week’s cover goes to Donna Crinnian with a beautifully composed Canvasback.

Have a great weekend!

Eastern Bluebird – Jim Botta

Wood Duck – Kimberly Lechner Sanchez

Bald Eagle – Rainy Sepulveda

Red-Breasted Merganser – Nancy Viscardi-Ricigliano

Red-Tailed Hawk – Lisa Nasta

Double-Crested Cormorant – Nancy Viscardi-Ricigliano

Canvasback Duck – Christopher Carl

Osprey – John M Martello

Gull & Eel – Jill Weingold Wendling