By Mike Busch

Despite the dreary weather, the Long Island Wildlife Photography group had another amazing week.

Some of the notable finds below include Indigo Bunting, Spotted Sandpiper, Tri Colored Heron, Black Bellied Plover, Clapper Rail, Short Billed Dowitcher, Eastern Kingbird, American Redstart, Canada Warbler, Wood Thrush and even a Blonde Squirrel!

It was hard to pick just one cover photo this week so I made a random collage.  With over 11,000 members now this isn’t getting any easier.

If you have time check out all 60 images over 6 pages below and try to enjoy another rainy weekend!


Asia Lee | Duckling

Barbara Lash | Willet

Barbara Metcalf | Great Horned Owls

Brian Doherty | Indigo Bunting

Caren Milheron | Canada Goslet

Christopher Carl | Eastern Bluebird

Nancy Viscardi-Ricigliano | Spotted Sandpiper

Bob Schmitz | Crow Vs Osprey

Carole Ryder | Tri Colored Heron

Lisa Nasta Female | Baltimore Oriole

More images on pages 2,3,4,5 and 6