By Mike Busch

I ran out of time to put last week’s feature together but thanks to Jim Botta, we have put together a jumbo version spanning the last two weeks from the Long Island Wildlife Photography group.

While the Spring migration is winding down, we still have a great variety of birds and their young still in their nests or recently fledged.

We also have some fantastic Whale and Dolphin shots as the bunker bring them close to our shores.

This week’s cover goes to Benny Lokos with a fantastic Bald Eagle image and don’t miss more great videos from Natalie Ann on the last page.

If you have a few extra minutes try to check out all 15 pages and feel free to share with a friend.

Common Tern Chick – Claire Reilly

American Oystercatcher & Chick – Daryl Ramrattan

Bald Eagle – Benny Lokos

Baltimore Oriole Family – Sharon Dorsey

Belted Kingfisher – Heff Stoppe

Barn Swallow Hatchlings – Dan Fiore

Bottlenose Dolphin – Jacki Miller Feldbaum

Common Tern & Chicks – Brian Doherty

Common Yellowthroat – Cat Yellen-Rebennack

Gray Squirrel – Bonnie Forman-Franco

Green Heron & Lunch – Heff Stoppe

More Photos on Pages 2-15