By Mike Busch

This week the Long Island Wildlife Photography group submitted another stellar collection of outstanding images.

Some notable finds include an Albino American Robin, Clapper Rail, Indigo Bunting, Tri Colored Heron, Red Headed Woodpecker and a Red Knot.  I have never seen one of  these myself but they are known as having one of the longest distance migrations of any bird, over 10,000 miles each Spring and Fall, traveling from the Arctic in the Summer all the way down to Southern Chile and Argentina for the Winter.  They are known to stop on the South Shore of Long Island, perhaps timing their visit with the hatch of Horshoe Crab Eggs, one of their favorite meals.  Red Knots are listed as a species of greatest conservation need.

This week also features some incredible Bald Eagle shots along with a number of Common Terns, Piping Plovers and American Oystercatchers tending to very young chicks.

A prime example would be the American Oystercatchers on this week’s cover shot by Brian Doherty.

If you have time check out all 6 pages!

Brian Doherty | Clapper Rail

Jill Weigold | Juvenile Bald Eagle

Nancy Viscardi-Ricigliano | American Oystercatcher

Robert Kaplan | Yellow Crowned Night Heron

Roni Forster Chastain | Common Terns

Steven Williams | Tri Colored Heron

Vicki Jauron | Common Terns

Robert Kaplan | Great Egret

Richard Biscardi | Dragon Fly

More Images on Pages 2,3,4,5, and 6