By Mike Busch

I am in Maine right now but that didn’t stop Jim Botta from helping put this week’s best of Long Island Wildlife Photography together.  The group submitted another fantastic set of images from Sea, Land, and Air with the highlight some fantastic Bald Eagle action as they continue their incredible comeback.

Paul Peluso gets the cover shot with a Humpback Whale close up.  This is just a preview of an incredible encounter he had with multiple Humpback Whales on Thursday, stay tuned later in the week for his full story.

Natalie Ann continues to amaze with her wildlife videography, make sure you check out her videos on the last page.

If you have time, try to scroll through all 8 pages and feel free to share!

Pair of Humpback Whales – Paul Peluso

Bald Eagle – Benny Lokos

Belted Kingfishers – Garrett Camasi

Black-Bellied Whistling Duck – Ande Photos

Bottlenose Dolphins – Brian Doherty

Common Tern – John Martello

Great-Crested Flycatcher – Kimberly Lechner Sanchez

Green Heron – Garrett Camasi

Little Blue Heron – Bob Schmitz

Ospey & Great Egret – Christopher Carl

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