By Mike Busch

The Long Island Wildlife Photography Group had another great week and thanks to Jim Botta for helping me collect some of the best shots.  With over 20,000 members it is not getting any easier!

This week’s cover shot goes to John Martello with a fantastic shot of a Black Skimmer on the hunt.  These beautiful birds are in decline, losing an estimated 87% of their population over the last 50 years due to beach development.   Learn more about them here.

If you have time try to check out all 9 pages including a few more excellent videos by Natalie Ann.

Have a great and safe July 4th Weekend!


American Oystercatcher Chick – Brian Doherty

Monk Parakeet – John Davis

Herring Gull & Blue-Claw Crab – Linda Karlin

Green Heron & Lunch – Robert Kaplan

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird – John Schlowinski

Ladybug eating Aphids – Brian Doherty

Great Egret – Erin O’Keefe

Common Tern & Chicks – Nancy Viscardi-Ricigliano

Belted Kingfisher – Michael Sparks

More Images on Pages 2-9