By Mike Busch

With the usual help from Jim Botta, we have put together another collection of stunning images from the Long Island Wildlife Photography Group.   The group got some excellent shots of Black Skimmers this week, including the stunning cover image by Brian Doherty.  Also don’t miss some more great videos by Natalie Ann on the last page.

If you have a few extra minutes try to check out all 9 pages and have a great weekend!

Bald Eagle & Lunch – Jill Weigold Wendling

Black Skimmer – Robert Kaplan

Clapper Rail – Lisa Wollerstein-Whitmore

Common Tern – Bob Schmitz

Fiddler Crab – John M Martello

Humpback Whale – Haydee Trager

Osprey & Lunch – Meryl Lorenzo

Ruby-Throated Humminbird – Kimberly Lechner-Sanchez

Black Skimmer Family – John M Martello