By Mike Busch

Despite a tropical storm and widespread power outages, the Long Island Wildlife Photography group didn’t miss a beat this week.  I still have no power but thanks to Jim Botta we were still able to put together some of the best photos on the 8 pages below.  This week’s cover goes to Justin DiScalfani with an awesome image of an Osprey emerging from the water after a dive.

Feel free to share and try to stay cool if you still have no power!

Black Skimmer & Chick – Nancy Viscardi-Ricigliano

Ghost Crab – Brian Doherty

Great Blue Heron – Diane Veronica

Green Heron – Ken Blumberg

Humpback Whale – Jacqueline Elizabeth Stoll

Northern Mockingbird & Osprey – Lowell Schechter

Osprey – Lowell Schechter

Pair of Great Blue Herons & Eel – Meryl Lorenzo

Pair of Humpback Whales – Brian Doherty

American Goldfinch – Liz Schwartz

More Photos on Pages 2-8