By Mike Busch

Another outstanding job by members of the Long Island Wildlife Photography group this week.  With the usual help from Jim Botta we have put together a collection of 7 pages of photos and videos of a wide array of local wildlife.

A few notable finds this week include a Wood Frog, Hog Nosed Snake (video on the last page), flying Squirrel, swimming Clapper Rail, and a Common Nighthawk.  Now that we are starting to see some cooler weather the fall migration should be kicking into gear.  Long Island has a unique position in the middle of the Atlantic Flyway so it is a great time to get out there, particularly on the south shore beaches when shorebirds stop to rest and raptors pass by in numbers.

This week’s cover shot goes to Heff Stoppe with a super sharp image of a Belted Kingfisher, one of the toughest birds to get a great shot of.

If you have a few minutes, try to check out all 7 pages including some more great videos from Natalie Ann on the last page!

Tree Swallows – Dan Fiore

Semipalmated Plover – William Walsh

Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds – Robin Fisher

Red-Tailed Hawk – Heff Stoppe

Prairie Warbler – Christopher Carl

Green Heron – Christopher Carl

Greater Yellowlegs – Christopher Carl

Great Blue Heron – Robert Kaplan

Flying Squirrel – Dennis Lenzi

More Images on Pages 2-7