By Mike Busch 9-27-2020

First of all, I want to congratuleVicki Jauron, a frequent contributor to this page, for publication of her second Children’s book based on our very own Long Island birds.  Vicki is one of the best wildlife photographers anywhere and probably holds the record for most cover shots in our weekly compilations.  Here new book, “The Magical Bird Beach of Long Island,” published in March, featured four shorebirds that breed on our shores in spring and summer.  Her latest edition “The Magical Bird Beach of Long Island in Winter,” features the Snowy Owl and nine other winter birds showing off their beauty and talents.  The hardcover books use fun-to-read rhyming prose along with bright, colorful and endearing images to touch the hearts of young children and hopefully, make them future bird lovers and nature advocates.   Both are beautiful books, so let’s help support her work!  The books are now available on Amazon and other book retailers.  She also has signed copies available, while supplies last, just reach out to her on Facebook ( or email to

Here are links to the books on Amazon:
Thanks to Jim Botta for helping pick out another massive collection of images from the Long Island Wildlife Photography Group taken this week.  This weeks cover goes to Dan Fiore with a Humpback Whale.  If you have time, try to check out all 10 pages and feel free to share!

American Goldfinch Family – Leslie Pilgrim

American Kestrel – Justin DiScalfani

American Oystercatcher – Raina Angelier

Black Skimmer Chick – Brian Doherty

Bottlenose Dolphins – Dan Fiore

Cape May Warbler – Dennis Whittam

Great Blue Heron – Bob Schmitz

Great Egret & Lunch – Joe Kelly

Green Heron – Joe Kelly

More Photos on Pages 2-10