By Mike Busch

Another great week of wildlife images and video from the Long Island Wildlife Photography group again, thanks to Jim Botta again for helping pick some of the images!

One of the most uncommon finds this week was a Dovekie, pictured below, photographed and rescued by Dan Fiore.  The Dovekie is a small, Penguin like bird of the open Atlantic Ocean that breeds along the high Arctic Islands.  Dovekie can be pushed ashore, sometimes in huge groups, by strong easterly winds.  The birds are often starved by the time they reach shore.

Dovekie – Dan Fiore

Dovekie – Dan Fiore

Dan brought it to the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue in Hampton Bays where it unfortunately could not be saved but thanks for trying!

If you are looking for something to do today, you might consider a guided seal walk with Dr. Artie Kopelman of CRESLI.  The winter seals that haul out near Moriches Inlet at Cupsogue beach are back in force and Artie provides a wealth of information on these brisk but beautiful walks.

Even with  yesterday’s high tide and brutal winds Artie got some nice shots, conditions should be much better today.    Click here for more information. 

Harbor Seals 12-22-18 – Artie Kopelman

I had trouble picking a single cover shot this week so went with a combo.  Also check out four videos from Natalie Ann on the last page!

Peregrine Falcon – Natalie Ann

Northern Pintail – William Walsh

Horned Lark – Barbara Lash

Golden Eye Duck – Jimmy Johnny

American Goldfinch – Tony Fanni

Bald Eagle – Steve Hyman

Common Eider – Carole Ryder

Snow Bunting – Brian Doherty

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