By Mike Busch

After three consecutive either overcast or rainy weekends in a row you might think the Long Island Sun Chasers would struggle to come up with some great shots but as you will see below, they never disappoint.  With over 4200 members and growing, this group has Long Island covered end to end in all conditions.

Since I missed last week I was able to include a full-page of storm images of the shelf cloud and severe weather that rolled through on May 15th

This week’s cover goes to Ronnie Walker with a fantastic in water surf shot of the Fire Island Light House.

If you have time check out all 5 pages and have a great Memorial Day Weekend!


Andy Craig | Captree

Barbara Lash | Jones Beach

Ronnie Walker

Danielle Leef | Orient

David Arteaga | North Shore

Dennis Bontempo | Watermill

Douglas Kelley | Great South Bay Bridge

John Czerniawski | Montauk

Keith Krejci | West Meadow

Martin Losco

Nancy Brennan | Jones Beach Piers

More images on pages 2,3,4 and 5