By Mike Busch

While the end of August marks the unofficial end of Summer, most of look forward to some of the best weather of the year that occurs in September.  It has been a pleasure to put this feature together as the Long Island Sun Chasers cover more ground in a week than most of us could possibly see over several years.  Nearly every week I add a new location not only for the first time but that I have never seen for myself after about 50 years on Long Island!

This week’s cover photo goes to Diane Prokop Chatterton with a beautiful long exposure of the Montauk Lighthouse.

If you have time check out all 5 pages and have a great Labor Day Weekend!

Steve Mitchell | Fire Island Lighthouse

Anne Augello Babcock | Hither Hills

Bonnie Forman-Franco | Jones Beach Fishing Piers

Fred Greco | Robert Moses

Jeremy Garretson | Goose Creek

Linda Karlin | Fire Island Lighthouse