By Mike Busch

I took a ride to Smith Point to check out the surf around 8:30 a.m. Saturday morning only to find that the bridge was closed to traffic due to flooding on the beach.   I could see the spray from the North side of the bridge so grabbed my dog and camera and walked across.  I took the photo below from the middle of the bridge looking toward Old Inlet.  Note the breaking wave inside the backside of the inlet.

Looking west from the Fire Island National Seashore Visitor center, you can see that the Bellport Pavilion is still standing but the beach between Old Inlet and Bellport seemed to be taking a beating.

Davis Park in the Distance

Davis Park and Bellport Beach Pavilion

Bellport Beach Pavilion

Old Inlet Wilderness Breach and Bellport Pavilion

Stairs in front of Beach Hut

Looking West toward Bellport Beach

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