By Tim DelGrosso

Humpback still stuck in Reynolds Channel.

You’ll see in this video a few things. Disclaimer…. I am not an expert…….

One – that the animal is so close to open water, but he will not cross under the bridge and return to the sea. I have no idea why, my guess is he’s not doing so well.

Two – lots of people are trying to help him. My buddies Michael Busch and Artie Raslich spent their day on the water pushing this whale out from Bay Park in East Rockaway back to the Atlantic Beach Bridge.

They were warning boats to slow down and avoid the whale…no one wants anything to happen to either party.  Coast guard was there today and the DEC who at the end of the video used their boat to try to push the whale toward open water using zig zags.

It was a good try but didn’t work.   Hopefully the whale makes his way out tonight.

Three – the water moves fast on the incoming and faster on the outgoing. Currents rip in that area.

Four – there is lots of boat traffic both commercial (barge) and recreational (fishing boats) in the area. Its a bad place for a 30 foot 20-ton humpback to park.

Hopefully, he doesn’t turn into a speed bump.

I hope I can report better news tomorrow.

Please use Caution!!!!!

Video taken 11-15-17 just before Sunset