By Mike Busch

Save the Great South Bay will officially launch the new Creek Defender Program on Earth Day April 22nd with an organized clean up of Carlls River in Babylon and an after party at the Babylon Gazebo.   Click here for more details.

Carlls River is the fourth largest river system on Long Island,  starting near Dix Hills, Deer Park and Wyandanch, and ends down river in Babylon Village with the river delta, including Fosters Creek, leading to the Great South Bay.

Along the way the route also includes Belmont Lake, Southards Pond, and Argyle Lake.

Todd Shaw, a Babylon resident and director of Save The Great South Bay has volunteered to be the Babylon Creek Defender ((Carlls, Sumpawams, and Fosters).

In anticipation of the Earth Day event, Todd and I spent a recent afternoon taking some aerial images and video with a drone over Carlls River from the Great South Bay to Sunrise Highway.

More images and second video on page 2.