This is Part II – If you missed part 1 filmed with a drone click here.

By Paul Peluso

December 2,  2017 won’t soon be forgotten by Michael Busch, Jimmy Romano and I as we caught 111 that’s right 111 Striped Bass with 13 Keepers !!!

We headed out at dawn scraping the ice off the windshield of my boat but the seas were calm, the sun was coming up and the fish were hungry !


We headed straight out of Moriches Inlet and headed to about 50’ of water approximately 1 mile offshore and Michael Busch spots the Humpback 🐋 whale.  We make a quick stop to take a few pictures.

The whale came up a few times but since it wasn’t feeding we left it go find the fish ASAP.

We got down between Smith Point and Old Inlet and immediately were into fish where the fleet was set up in a sea of diving birds.  Storm shads  on the bottom were working early and in no time we had 12 fish and a keeper in the live well.  These fish were mostly on the bottom so we depended on the fish finder to figure out where to set up.


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