By Mike Busch

Last weekend I headed to one of my favorite Florida locations, the House of Refuge at Gilbert’s Bar, on Hutchinson Island in Stuart.

I wasn’t optimistic as I drove through a thick fog the whole way to the beach.  Fortunately the fog thinned, allowing me to view some really nice waves that were crashing into the rocks.

I spent the time before sunrise capturing shots of the waves but once the sun came up the fog cleared enough to send up my drone.   The combination of crashing surf and rolling clouds of fog lit up by the morning light provided a perfect backdrop.

As a bonus, a surfer towed by a jet ski appeared out of the soup and caught an amazing ride right beneath the drone at the end of the video.

For those that don’t have the patience for the  5 minute clip , below is a short clip of  the tow-in surfer.