By Mike Busch

Following up on Saturday’s story about sand building inside of Moriches Inlet after three March Nor’easters, I took a short drone flight despite the wind yesterday to get a better look.

It wasn’t dead low tide yet but the aerial perspective clearly shows that the sand has now formed some new beach the entire length of the east side of the inlet.  My guess is a lot of the new sand probably flowed right over the top of the jetty with the big storm surf out of the east and high tides.

The amount of sand building up seems to be decreasing but this sand will just move inside and outside the inlet with the currents, making this unpredictable inlet even more dangerous.

I also took some photos of the inside of the inlet and toward Moriches Bay, where you can see a lot of fresh sand deposits.  I have a feeling Sea Tow will be very active this Spring!

Drone images on pages 1 and 2 and DSLR images from West side of Inlet on page 3.

More Images on Pages 2 and 3