By Mike Busch

Since the existing Smith Point Bridge will soon be replaced (2020-2023 completion)  by a new, much taller  span,  I intend to get some nice shots while I can.

The plan is to build the new bridge to the west of the existing bridge before demolishing it.  Depending on when the work starts, the view many of us are used to will be completely changed.

The overall design is similar to Ponquogue Bridge in Hampton Bays and will be 55 feet at the center, twice as high as the current bridge.

The engineering firm that drew up the plans used one of my photos for the mockup below, I apologize for the quality.

If you missed the story click here for the Newsday version.   The photo they used is mine but did not give credit…..


Proposed Design


I am not a fan of the design and will certainly miss the old one but apparently the supports and infrastructure are seriously degraded after almost 60 years of use and salt water currents.

The drone images below were taken 2-15-17.

Here is a link to some video taken at the same time.