By Paul Peluso

Spring is here and you are like me you can’t wait to get back in or on the water and catch a fish!

The baitfish are moving into the bay, the Osprey are coming back but our favorite salt water predators-Striped Bass, Blue Fish and Weakfish are still a month away.

What is an angler to do?

Many of Long Island’s streams, lakes and rivers are loaded with both Brown and Rainbow Trout.  These small but beautiful fish are usually in the 1-3 lb range and very aggressive fighters for their size.

On Tuesday I was invited out by my good friend Jason Brunder to give this kind of fishing a try. He told me Pablo-  get your lightest rod and your waders and I’ll show you how much fun these fish can be.

Being used to fighting fish ranging from 10-50 lbs had me skeptical but since their was nothing else to catch why not?
I soon learned how these fish can break the ice in getting your juices flowing again for spring fishing.

Jason took me to a hidden little spot where we walked up-stream no deeper than my ankles. The whole time I’m thinking there no fish, it’s too shallow but then we rounded a bend and a small waterfall and  pond appeared.  Hmm, maybe we have a chance.  We first tried worms for bait and  it was slow.

Jason caught 3 fish over a two 2 hour period and I had one  hit and miss.

Brown Trout

Rainbow Trout

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