By Mike Busch

Humpback Whales were active in the waters off Long Island this weekend with video and images coming in from Moriches, Long Beach, and off the Rockaways.

Local fisherman Jimmy Romano was fishing just outside of Moriches Inlet Saturday morning and witnessed a young Humpback Whale aggressively tail-slapping around a big pod of bunker.

I checked in with Dr. Artie Kopelman of CRESLI to get his opinion on what the Whale could have been up to.

According to Artie, Humpbacks are very  surface-active whales- breaching, spy-hopping, flipper-slapping and tail-slapping.   Tail-slapping can be used to corral and concentrate bait or also for communication.

For more information on Humpback Whales click here.

You don’t need a boat to catch the action,  Lisa Nadler-Reischer photographed another breaching Humpback right off the Long Beach boardwalk on Friday.

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