By Mike Busch

After over a month of preparation, including laying 5 miles of submerged pipe between Moriches Inlet and Smith Point Beach, the actual sand removal started last weekend.  The CR McCaskill, a massive cutter suction dredge will be transferring up to 12,000 cubic yards per day through the pipe where bulldozers will be waiting to shape the sand in the vicinity of the TWA Memorial.  The $12 million dollar project is expected to be completed by Nov 1st.

According to officials, the emergency dredging is being done to restore Moriches Inlet to its federally authorized depth of 10 feet deep and 200 feet wide.

The emergency dredging project was approved after a series of storms last Spring caused sand to build up making navigation dangerous.

Shoaling | March 23, 2018

The video above and gallery of images below were taken on Saturday, October 6th 2018.

Fire Island and Beyond has been covering the situation at the inlet during and after the storms with video and images here:

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Drone over Shoaling Moriches Inlet 3-18-18

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Moriches Inlet Dredging Work Starting This Week 

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