By Mike Busch 12-20-2018

On the heels of the Moriches Inlet emergency dredging that wrapped up last month,  the next phase is underway on Moriches Bay.    H&L contracting out of Bay Shore was awarded the $3 million dollar contract to remove 57,000 cubic yards of sand from 2.7 miles of the intracoastal waterway in the vicinity of Moriches Inlet and the Coast Guard station.   This area became treacherous last season for boaters.  You can read more about the contract here. This overall operation is much smaller than the inlet project, requiring less support equipment and a smaller pipe but is still impressive.  A dredge is currently pumping sand from the channel in front of Radio Point all the way to Great Gun Beach, following Cut 3 to a deposit area on the beach.

Photos and video taken Wednesday, December 19th.