By Mike Busch

I was lucky to be invited to fly over Old Inlet back in August 2013 by Dr. Charles Flagg of the Stony Brook University School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences.  

Dr. Flagg’s work studying the Great South Bay and specifically the breach at Old Inlet has been a huge help in letting science rather than emotion dictate what should happen with the inlet.

The work of Dr. Flagg and his colleagues have catalogued a wealth of data, images, and video on the projects website:  Great South Bay Project .

Following are some of the images taken on August 13, 2013 as Dr. Flagg and I flew from Brookhaven Airport in Shirley to Old Inlet to gather the data for that month’s report.



dsc_0320 dsc_0325 dsc_0327

dsc_0332 dsc_0333 dsc_0336 dsc_0338 dsc_0340