By Mike Busch

I took a ride over to Davis Park on Saturday April 28th to check out the marina reconstruction.  Although the weather was beautiful and the bay was flat, a stubborn fog bank was stationed over the Ocean.  It was a nice scene with sunny skies and fog occasionally filling in but staying mostly clear overhead.  I even captured a fog bow with my cell phone over the surf on page 2.

Work continues on the Davis Park Marina with a full fleet of equipment from Terry Marine including two barges with large cranes.  The main effort is still targeting the rebuild of the main Ferry Dock.  From what I can tell it should be able to load two Davis Park Ferries simultaneously.  As you can see in the photos below, the channel leading into Davis Park has narrowed and the West side of the marina shows some shoaling.  The Tower Dock work has started as well with a big load of sand dropped inside the structure.

Despite all the work, the marina is open with plenty of slips on the west side, the floating dock, and the outside perimeter.

The Davis Park Ferry is now running 7 days a week, check out their new website for the current schedule here or just click their banner an ad here on Fire Island and Beyond.

The Davis Park Casino Bar also opens on Friday and will be open weekends until Memorial Day when they go 7 days per week!  They also have a Kentucky Derby Party on Saturday with drink specials, free chili, and prizes, click here for more info!