By Mike Busch

The severe thunderstorms that rolled through the tri- state area late yesterday left a trail of damage including potential tornadoes, large hail, winds gusting over 70 mph and at least two people killed by falling trees.  Long Island was spared the worst of it as the sea breeze and lower temperatures caused the storms to weaken as they approached.

Never the less, the storms created a massive shelf cloud that seemed to pass over most of Long Island between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m.

Watching the radar, I struggled between heading to the North Shore or heading West to capture some video and images.

Since the storms came in a little faster than expected I decided to head toward Robert Moses, hoping to capture the line as it moved over the Fire Island Inlet Bridge.  As I passed over the Great South Bay Bridge I could see the line moving almost as fast as my car so I went to plan B and stopped at a friend’s house on Captree Island.  I would have loved to set up a tripod for some nice stable video but simply had no time and had to take a few hand-held clips.   A bunch of my friends captured some great shots around the Island, I will include some of those in this week’s Best of the Long Island Sun Chasers.


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